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>>Automatic Securicam Visual Data Collection Readout [Request: Partial, DCI Bellgrave]

>>Location: 455 Cullum Street North [Vacant Lot]

>>Time: 01:35 - 02:48 [Requested: 01:48-02:15]

>>Responding Officer: Patrolman Michael Jones

>>1:49 AM - Arrival, Detective Inspector Samuel West, New London Police Transhuman Crime Division.

[West, S.] "Jesus Mick, it's everywhere."

[Jones, M.] "Try not to step in it. I can't tell what's blood and what's hydraulic fluid."

[West, S.] "Damn. This makes it the fourth girl this week. Officially a serial case now. Is she in the system?"

[Jones, M.] "Yeah, but she ain't one of Madame Masson's girls like the rest. From what I can tell she was self-employed."

[West, S.] "He's killing these girls like the world was ending. But he's getting sloppy- no. He's getting desperate, leaving her out in the open like this. I figure he's one of them Purists, yeah?"

[Jones, M] "He, or she."

[West, S.] "Either way, it's odd. A string of murders, all heavy aug-ed street girls, seems to be a Purist doing them, but you'd gotta be packing industrial strength arm augs to make a head smoothie like this."

[Jones, M.] "Don't say that, mate. You're gonna ruin me breakfast. Hold on-go ahead Marlene. Yeah. You don't say, huh? Ok we'll give it a shot. Sam, Marlena says we got some sort of Purist club around here. Should be a block down this way."

>>1:56 AM - Securicam Subject Priority Tracking Initiated

[West, S.] "Oh bloody hell. It's a damn rally."

[Jones, M.] "Marlena, we're gonna need to get SWIFT down here, there's an anti-aug rally going on. These things always end bad."

[West, S.] "Good thing you wore your pants today, Tin Legs."

[Jones, M.] "Keep it down. You trying to get me mobbed?"

[West, S.] "I just might be, but you'd outrun them."

[Jones, M.] "Laugh it up while you can Sam. One of these days you're gonna run into trouble and need some shiny new parts too."

[West, S.] "Let's pray it's not tonight. I got a feeling the bloke smashing in these girls' heads might just be the type to hang around here, yeah?"

[Jones, M.] "Returning to the scene of the crime and all? I wouldn't put it past them. That bloke over there in the hood look a bit top heavy to you? Like he's got a couple hams in his sleeves?"

[West, S.] "Might be. How bout you go around back, I'll try to slip in through the crowd, yeah? Hey, make sure he don't see you."

[Jones, M.] "The old pincer maneuver, huh?"

[West, S.] "Just like back in-oh shit, he's running!"


released August 25, 2015



all rights reserved


TJNT Tulsa, Oklahoma

I'm a filmmaker from Tulsa and a composer for both film and video games.

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